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Marine Books by OUC Awarded
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    The Popular Marine Science & Education Series, published by Ocean University of China Press (OUC Press), was given the 2013 National Excellent Science Popularization Works Award and was included in the Fourth Publishing Project of Three One-hundred Original Books.【Click here to see the Chinese version

    The annual competition honors works notable for their originality, interest, timeliness, and universality.  

    Popular Marine Science and Education Series is created by a compiling team composed of OUC experts and professors under the leadership of President Wu Dexing. It took them over a year to finish the composition of 10 volumes of the series, namely, Hello Ocean, Amazing Marine Life, Breathtaking Polar Regions, Probing into Ocean Depths, Charming Ports, Fantastic Islands, Great Sea Battles, Expedition & Navigation, Pleasant Tour of Ships, and Marine Science & Education. The publication of the series has filled a gap of books on marine science and education for adolescents.  

    The selection of educational works on a national level was organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST). Experts chosen by the MOST selected and distributed awards for 50 excellent educational works. The Fourth Publishing Project for Three One-Hundred Original Books was hosted by the General Administration of Press and Publication of the People’s Republic of China (GAPP). The Popular Marine Science & Education Series was included in this project on science and technology.  

    Over the years, OUC Press has made significant progress in publishing marine-related works. After the publication of the Popular Marine Science & Education Series, it also published the Marine Cultural Education Series (six volumes) and the Illustrated Marine Education Series (five volumes). Furthermore, Charming Seas of China (12 volumes) is expected to be published at the end of 2013. Mr. Wu Shulin, deputy director-general of GAPP, said during his visit to OUC that OUC Press, with its clear thinking and distinctive features, has made heartening progress and therefore enjoys broad prospects for future growth.   

    Mr. Yang Limin, director of OUC Press, said the press is actively engaged in seeking cooperation and support while exploring its own unique development. In addition, it has established long-term cooperation with the Publicity and Education Center of the State Oceanic Administration and marine-related institutions of higher learning alliances. In its future development, the OUC Press will focus on building itself into a base for marine-related book publication in China.

Translated by William ZOU

Edited by Lianju LI


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