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Convocation for New Enrollees
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    Prof. Wu Dexing, president of Ocean University of China (OUC), delivered the opening convocation address on August 26, 2013, to the undergraduate and graduate students, who are beginning their studies at OUC.【Click here to see the Chinese version

    In his speech, President Wu gave an overview of OUC. He said the 90- year-old university has not only made a remarkable achievement in promoting China’s marine education and research, but also boosted the development in non-marine related disciplines, exerting a far-reaching impact among institutions of high learning in China. President Wu wishes the students to be open minded, scholarly and academically honest.

    At the undergraduate session, President Wu stressed the important role that the ocean plays in rejuvenating the Chinese nation and promoting China’s sustainable development.

    “A university of strategic importance, OUC is committed to winning a stronger voice in the international community of marine science and education. While implementing the strategy of popularizing higher education, we also keep an eye on nurturing elites. Our main task is to educate talented professionals,” he said, adding that undergraduate students should be more inclusive and that they should keep fit, study hard, have an inquiring mind and think critically.

     At the graduate session of the opening ceremony chaired by Vice President Dong Shuanglin, Prof. Li Qi, dean of College of Fisheries, delivered a welcome speech. He said graduate students should be creative, cooperative and assiduous. 

    The formal speeches were followed by a talk with the topic of “Honesty and Responsibility: the Premier Lesson for Graduate Students” given by Prof. Dong Shuanglin, OUC’s vice president and dean of the Graduate School.

    At the undergraduate session chaired by Vice President Li Weiran, Prof. Yu Guangli, deputy dean of School of Medicine and Pharmacy, told the new students to have lofty goals, be more self-disciplined, and more efficient in acquiring new knowledge. “As a university student, you should not pursue an extravagant life,” he said.

    At the ceremony, excellent enrollees were honored with scholarships certificates.

    As part of the opening convocation, a concert was given by the OUC Orchestra of Chinese Folk Music to welcome the new enrollees.

    Present at the opening convocation were Prof. Yu Zhigang, secretary of CPC OUC committee, Prof. Guan Huashi and Prof. Li Qingzhong, who are members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, vice presidents Yu Yifa, Dong Shuanglin, Li Weiran, Chief Finance Officer Wang Jianmin, Assistant President Chen Rui, deputy Party secretaries Li Yaozhen, Liu Guiju, Zhang Jing, and Organization Department Director Lu Guangzhi.

    President Wu Dexing (L), Prof. Li Qi (C) and Prof. Yu Guangli address the opening convocation


    Student representatives Li Dong (1L), Cong Lin (2L), Wang Nange ( 2R) and Gao Jiacheng( 1R) speak at the ceremony

    Scholarship recipients pose for a group photo

Vice President Dong Shuanglin addresses the graduate session

Concert is held to welcome the new students

Translated by William ZOU

Edited by Lianju LI


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