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OUC’s Alumnus Awarded at ICOP XIV
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     Dr. Gao Shan, an alumna of Ocean University of China (OUC), has become the first Chinese Holz-Conner Award winner at the International Congress of Protistology XIV (ICOP XIV) recently held in Vancouver, Canada. 【Click here to see the Chinese version

    A member of the research team of the Institute of Evolution and Marine Biodiversity (IEMB) at OUC, Dr. Gao, who graduated from OUC in 2010, received the Holz-Conner Award, a prize for excellent young scientists to honor her excellent research work in the area of functional genes and phylogeny of marine ciliated protozoa.

    Prof. Song Weibo, director of IEMB, Prof. Lun Zhaorong, and Dr. Gao Shan were respectively appointed as the session chairs of Biodiversity& Evolution, Parasitology and Cell Biology. They were also invited to attend the special meeting of ICOP. 

    Prof. Song, who is also the vice president of Chinese Society of Protistology and member-at-large on the Executive Committee of International Society of Protistologists (ISOP), shared his views on such issues as the reform of the institute and the expansion of international membership at the Executive Committee meeting. This year’s congress also witnessed the historic moment when ICOP was announced as a branch of ISOP. The Chinese Society of Protistology has become a full member of ICOP since 2012.

    Deputize by ISOP, the quadrennial congress was attended by over 500 scientists and young researchers from 67 countries, and 23 participants are from Chinese Society of Protistology, among them 19 graduated from OUC, representing 15 institutions of higher learning or research institutions under the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

    Organized by University of British Columbia, Canada, this year’s conference organized various sessions including Symbiotic Mechanism of Eukaryote, Marine Ciliated Protozoa as Model Animals, Phylogenomics, Protist Barcoding and Parasite Population Genomics, on such topics as Genomics, Physiology, Biodiversity & Evolution, Cell Biology, Protist Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Phylogeny & Evolution, Ecology, Immunology and Parasitology.

    The five-day event witnessed 13 presentations and 15 posters delivered by the Chinese participants, which summarized the recent research progress made by the Chinese Society of Protistology. In addition, Prof. Hu Xiaozhong from the IEMB, Dr. Gao Feng and Dr.Huang Jie attended a workshop on issues concerning establishing an international network in marine ciliated protozoa diversity. Dr. Gao and Dr. Huang, both alumni of OUC, respectively gave a presentation at the workshop. 

Prof. Song Weibo (4L, 2nd row) poses with other Chinese participants for a group photo

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