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Academic Talk on Chinese Culture
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     Prof. He Zhonghua from Shandong University presented a talk on June 7, 2013, at Ocean University of China (OUC) on the traditional Chinese culture and the promotion of university culture.【Click here to see the Chinese version

     “To my understanding, culture refers to the entire way of a human society. It is about people,” said Prof. He, who is currently teaching at Shandong University’s School of Philosophy and Social Development.  He compares culture to the structure of the Earth, which can be divided into three layers: a crust, mantle and core. The crust is like our material culture, the mantle is the institutional culture and the core our moral culture, he said.

    In response to the Needham Puzzle: “Why the Industrial Revolution Did Not Originate in China”, Prof. He said there was no proper “cultural soil” for scientific advancement. “Culture is the prerequisite of the development in science and technology,” he added.

    “To develop a strong socialist culture in China has become a national strategy. When we are talking about reform, we should not only refer to economic and political reform, but also cultural reform,” Prof. He continued.

    “The traditional Chinese culture features a harmonious co-existence between man and nature, as well as the balance and mutual complement of Yin and Yang, which is best demonstrated in the Chinese calligraphy, painting, music and drama,” Prof. He said.

    “The traditional Chinese culture believes that man is good by nature, and that a person of great virtue can shoulder great responsibilities,” Prof. He said, adding that the Chinese advocate the idea that human beings should live according to nature.
    In the Chinese culture, the benevolent has no enemy, and virtue means power. Therefore, such social problems as increased rates of crime, divorce, suicide and mental illness can be mitigated through morality reconstruction.

    When it comes to the university culture, Prof. He believes the university plays an important role in inheriting and creating culture. “Teaching is more than a profession. A teacher’s responsibility lies not only in imparting knowledge, but also in educating people. Therefore, teachers have to improve their skills and moral standards,” he said.

     “A holographic cultural atmosphere is the pre-condition to build a university culture. A qualified talented professional should have both ability and moral integrity,” said Prof. He, adding that ancient classics and the traditional Chinese culture can provide people of the modern times with good food for thought.

    As part of the study series organized by the central group of CPC OUC Committee, the lecture was attended by OUC top leaders including Dr. Yu Zhigang, Chairman of University Council, President Wu Dexing, vice presidents Li Yaozhen, Yu Yifa, Liu Guiju, Li Weiran, and Li Huajun. Also present were Mr. Wang Jianmin, Chief Financial Officer, Dr. Chen Rui, assistant president and Mr. Lu Guangzhi, director of the Organization Department.

Prof. He (L) talks about traditional Chinese culture and the university culture

Translated by William ZOU

Edited by Lianju LI


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