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Vice President Yu Yifa (R) presents the letter of appointment to Prof. Zeng Fanren

    Prof. Zeng Fanren spoke at Ocean University of China (OUC) on differences between the Chinese and Western Arts and Aesthetics on June 6, 2013, after he was appointed visiting professor of OUC.【Click here to see the Chinese version

    In his lecture, Prof. Zeng presented the audience with the similarities and differences between the Chinese and Western aesthetics and arts from such three perspectives as aesthetics, ancient paintings and dramas. Both in China and western countries, aesthetics is a subject focused on human. However, due to different geographical, economic, social, philosophical and cultural factors, there exist differences in aesthetics and arts between the East and the West.

    Ancient Chinese paintings aim at seeking harmonious co-existence between human and nature, while Western paintings focus on reproducing the object. As to the difference between Chinese and Western dramas, the former emphasizes on expressing emotions and seeking harmony whereas the latter on presenting a tragic stories in a realistic manner.
  “I am glad to come back. Years ago I was a professor of Ocean University of Qingdao (the former name of OUC). At this moment, I feel very honored to be appointed visiting professor of OUC,” said Prof. Zeng, director of the Center for Literary Theory and Aesthetics of Shandong University and former president of Shandong University, when he was appointed a visiting professor of OUC, adding that he is proud of being a member of OUC.
 Dr. Yu Zhigang, chairman of the University Council of OUC, expressed his thanks to the newly appointed professor. He said Prof. Zeng is in a good position to contribute to the academic development of OUC with his experience and expertise in humanities, literature and the promotion of campus culture.

    The ceremony was also attended by OUC Vice President Yu Yifa, representatives from the Office of the President, Publicity Department and Personnel Department as well as faculty and students from the College of Liberal Arts, and Journalism and Communication.

Prof. Zeng gives an academic talk following the appointing ceremony

Translated by William ZOU

Edited by Lianju LI


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