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OUC’s Boxing Team Wins Gold
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    The boxing team of Ocean university of China (OUC) was awarded three gold medals, two silver medals and five bronze medals as well as other three fifth-place titles at the women’s boxing preliminary Match of the 12th National Games and the 2013 National Women's Boxing Championship (NWBC). The competition came to a conclusion in Jinzhou city, northeast China’s Liaoning province, on April 10th 2013. 【Click here to see the Chinese version

    Over 200 athletes from 38 professional teams all over the country competed in 10 categories. Athletes of the OUC boxing team and students majoring in sports training participated in the event.

    Li Yunfei won the gold medal in the 81 kg plus category while Wei Jiangyan came in the second place. Zhang Yibo, Li Qian won the first place in the 48 kg category and the 75 kg category respectively. Yang Xiaoli was the runner-up in the 81kg category while Ren Shuang won third place in this category. Yu Yahong, Liu Yingxue, Hu Huipei, Ma Jianxia won bronze medals in the 51 kg category, the 57kg category, the 64 kg category and the 60kg category respectively.

    Yang Liu, Yang Wenlu and Ge Yameng ranked fifth in the 75 kg category, the 60 kg category and the 51 kg category respectively. Yang Xiaoli was honored the Sportsmanship Award at the boxing contest. Li Qian, Ma Jianxia, Liu Yingxue, Yu Yahong and Yang Wenlu are the new comers of the boxing team and they are all freshmen at OUC. 

     “Women’s boxing competitions have not been seen in previous national games and this is the very first time since the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949. Just like the Olympic Games, the 12th National Games also has three categories, namely, the 51 kg, the 60 kg and the 75 kg,” said Professor Yu Lianzhi, head coach of OUC’s boxing team.

    According to Prof. Yu, two contests should be held to select the competitors for the National Games. The second tryout will be held in Yantai in the northeast of Shandong province from May 22 until May 25, 2013. “The top eight boxers of each category in these two selective trials will be the finalists for the National Games,” said Prof. Yu.

    The boxing finals will be held in Jinzhou from August 31 until September 10, 2013. Over 30 professional boxing teams from across China will compete for the three gold medals.

Translated by William ZOU

Edited by Lianju LI


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