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 Sixteen research papers by graduate students of Ocean University of China (OUC) won the first-place awards, 28 racked up second-place awards, and 41 received third-place awards while 103 were honored with excellent awards.【Click here to see the Chinese version

    The announcement was released at the closing ceremony of the Second Academic Forum of Graduate Students held at OUC’s Laoshan campus on March 28th, 2013.

    Launched in October 2012, the Second Academic Forum of Graduate Students was organized by the Graduate School and supported by the Office for Project 211 and Project 985 and Office for Development of Blue Economy.

    The forum aims to broaden the academic horizons of graduate students, develop their awareness and capability of innovation, to enhance their public speaking and communication skills at academic events as well as to promote academic sharing and exchanges.

    The forum is focused on topics about how to make China strong by further developing the ocean and other marine-related issues. The first forum of this kind was held in 2011.

    A total of 14 sub-forums were hosted at 14 colleges, and 23 experts and scientists, including foreign experts, academicians, professors of CK Scholars program and Taishan Scholars program as well as directors of key labs and research centers of large state-own enterprises, were invited to give lectures during the forum.

    At the sub-forums hosted by College of Environmental Science and Engineering and College of Economics, the education of academic ethics and integrity of graduate students were addressed.

    At the closing ceremony, five students respectively representing College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, College of Fisheries, College of Management, College of Economics and College of Law and Political Science introduced their award winning research papers to the participants.

    Representatives of OUC’s scientific and technological service teams also shared their experience in their work to support the building of the Blue Economic Zone of the Shandong Peninsular.

    Dr. Li Yaozhen, deputy secretary of CPC OUC Committee, also gave a talk at the closing ceremony. He said the promotion of marine economy has become a national strategy and OUC should play a bigger role in this regard.

    “We should take the opportunity of developing the Blue Economic Zone of the Shandong Peninsula to make our due contributions to making the Chinese dream a reality,” he said, adding that OUC’s mission is to provide educational and technological support for the national strategy to build China into a strong ocean country.

    “OUC has graduated quite many excellent alumni who have set good examples for us to learn,” Deputy Secretary Li continued.

    “The forum brought me not only new academic perspectives but also a good opportunity to communicate with peer graduates from other study areas,” said Liao Wei, a graduate student majoring in Environmental Science, who was enrolled in 2010.

    “Through teamwork in the academic forum, our sense of social responsibility and sense of mission as well as awareness of innovation have been enhanced,” said Peng Xin, a PhD student in Marine Chemical Engineering and Technology, who was also enrolled in 2010.


    Dr. Fu Gang, executive deputy dean of the Graduate School at OUC, speaks at the closing ceremony.


Translated by William ZOU

Edited by Lianju LI


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