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Chief Editor Talks on Nat Geosci
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    Dr. Heike Langenberg, chief editor of Nature Geoscience, gave a talk on April 10, 2013, at Ocean University of China (OUC) on how to have a research paper published in the academic journal 【Click here to see the Chinese version

    Dr. Heike Langenberg gave a brief introduction to Nature Geoscience and its peer review process. “We encourage the faculty and students of OUC to contribute to Nature Geoscience,” she said, adding that special attention should be paid to the details. She also answered such questions raised by the participants as what kind of papers the Nature Geoscience prefers and how to revise and resubmit academic papers to the journal.

    Presided over by Prof. Wu Lixin, director of Key Laboratory of Physical Oceanography under the Ministry of Education (MOE), and Center for Sino-German Cooperation in Marine Sciences, the academic talk by Dr. Heike Langenberg was attended by representatives from OUC’s Graduate School, College of Physical and Environmental Oceanography, College of Information Science and Engineering, College of Marine Geo-science, College of Environmental Science and Engineering, College of Marine Life Science, School of Medicine and Pharmaceutics, College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, as well as MOE’s Key Laboratory of Marine Chemistry Theory and Engineering Technology and Key Laboratory of Marine Environment and Ecology.

    On April 9, Vice President Yan Ju met with Dr. Heike Langenberg and Mr. Du Qing, business manager of Nature Publishing Group of Greater China. Vice President Yan extended her warm welcome to Dr. Heike Langenberg and her delegation before giving them an overview of OUC. “I hope your current visit will serve as a platform to strengthen the ties between our two sides, which will further promote OUC’s research capacity,” she said.

Dr. Heike Langenberg listens to Prof. Wu Lixin while watching the presentation.


Translated by William ZOU

Edited by Lianju LI


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