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Natl. Base for Intl. Cooperation
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    A proposed base for international cooperation in marine science and technology by Ocean University of China (OUC) has been approved by Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST).【Click here to see the Chinese version】   

    As the first of its kind at OUC, the base, officially named International Science and Technology Cooperation Base for Interaction in Marine-related Multi-disciplinary process and Climate Environment Effect, has been recognized by the MOST as one of their demonstration bases for international cooperation in science and technology.    

     Taking oceanography, one of the national key scientific disciplines at OUC, as its basis, the base gives a full play to OUC’s advantage of human resources and research platforms in oceanography. Through collaboration with topnotch counterparts abroad, the base has completed over 20 international scientific projects at national level. It has played a positive role in promoting marine-related research, education and disciplinary development as well as international cooperation in science and technology at the regional level.   

    In addition to the recently approved base at the national level, OUC boasts three other bases for innovation and bringing in external expertise in physical oceanography, aquaculture and marine chemistry, and three research centers for international cooperation at the provincial level, as well as the Center for Sino-German Cooperation in Marine Sciences and Shandong Provincial Base for International Cooperation in Science and Technology.    

    Authorized by the MOST, the base for international cooperation in science and technology aims to increase the role of international cooperation in science and technology to promote China’s opening up to the outside world and boost the scientific and technological development in China.   

    By establishing an international cooperation mode that integrates research projects, researchers and the base into one system, the MOST is aiming at building these bases into the backbones in enhancing the nation’s international visibility in science technology and also regional leaders in promoting international cooperation in science and technology.

Translated by William ZOU

Edited by Lianju LI   

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