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Chunhua Scholarship Awarded
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    Seven students and 23 student teams were awarded the Chunhua Scholarship of Ocean University of China (OUC) at a ceremony held recently on the Laoshan campus.【Click here to see the Chinese version】 

    At the ceremony presided over by Ms. Chen Zhonghong, secretary-general of Alumni Association of OUC, Mr. Lin Xusheng, secretary of the Communist Youth League Committee of OUC, announced the decision to set up the Chunhua Scholarship of OUC.     

    Li Yi, representing all the recipients, thanked the university and Ms Sun Yan, president of Beijing Iaudio Technology Co., Ltd, who is the scholarship contributor, and also an alumna of OUC as well as deputy secretary-general of Chinese Association of Young Entrepreneurs.

    Members of the panel of judges for the Chunhua Scholarship contestants gave a speech respectively at the ceremony. Prof. Guan Changlong, dean of the College of Physical and Environmental Oceanography, wished the students to study hard and take their due responsibilities. “Never seek for quick success. As you know, no pains, no gains,” Prof. Guan said.

    In his speech, Mr. Zhang Houqi, president of Qeegoo E-commerce Co., Ltd., well recognized the achievements made by the awardees. He shared with the students his Tsinghua University years and his hard efforts in starting a business. He said college students should have passion, dreams, perseverance, and morality.

    Mr.Yu Longwen, director of the general office and deputy secretary of the CPC Committee of China Everbright Group, gave a brief account of how President Sun Yan has achieved her success and why she decided to provide this scholarship. He also said that the scholarship recipients should be innovative, responsible and good for society.

    President Sun thanked OUC for making the scholarship possible for students and said the optimistic and resolute attitudes of the scholarship candidates impressed her deeply. “To be independent and innovative is crucial to success. I sincerely hope that the Chunhua Scholarship will encourage more OUC students to carry on the spirit of all-inclusiveness and innovation so as to create their own success,” President Sun added.

    Madam Zhang Jing, deputy secretary of CPC OUC Committee, told the students of President Sun’s success story and thanked her for offering the Chunhua Scholarship. “The Chunhua Scholarship benefits our educational activities at the university. The scholarship is not only an award, but also an encouragement to our students," she said.

    Established at OUC for the first time, the Chunhua Scholarship aims to foster students' all-inclusive mind, innovative spirit and sense of unity and collaboration.

Translated by William ZOU

Edited by Lianju LI


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