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OUC has a State-level Teaching Team in Marine Chemistry
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    According to a recent announcement issued by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance about the selection and building of the 2010 state-level “teaching teams”, a teaching team for marine chemistry led by Dr.Yang Guipeng, a professor from Ocean University of China (OUC), meets the requirements to be a 2010 state-level teaching team.点击查看中文版

    The teaching team for marine chemistry acts as the central team for the “National Basic Science Research of Marine Chemistry and Teaching Personnel Training Base”. The team intensively develops its discipline by continuously changing scientific achievements into teaching resources and renewing teaching content. The team has also compiled and published a number of teaching materials and reference books. For example Analytical Chemistry of Sea Water and Chemical Oceanography, the two courses developed by the team, are recognized as a famous and top-quality courses taught in the national base.

    The team has built a special practice-oriented program consisting of three different levels: experimental teaching, practice on the sea, and scientific research training. At the same time, they also created an open research-centered teaching system for scientific research training. Under the National Fundamental Science Fund Project of Personnel Training, the team encourages students to be involved in science and technology innovation activities, and has made many achievements. For example, it has also published over 100 papers, obtained patents, and won other awards such as the Shandong Provincial First Award for Teaching Achievements. As the team leader and awarded by “Cheung Kong Scholars Program” established by the Ministry of Education, Prof. Yang Guipeng is a “National Science Fund for Outstanding Youths” winner, a “New Century Millions of Talents Project” award winner, and a “Taishan Scholar” of Shandong province.
    As an important component of the initiative to improve the quality of education, national-level teaching teams aim to reform teaching content and methods, develop teaching resources, promote teaching research, and bring together older and more experiences teachers to help younger and less experienced teachers. Through team building, different modes of operation, organizational structure and supervision mechanisms in teaching are explored. In this way, experience that is promoted and referred to by other universities when training teachers is provided.



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