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OUC Awarded for Green Campaign
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    An undergraduate student from Ocean University of China (OUC) received the “Outstanding Project Manager” award for his excellent work in a recent “green campaign” to promote the E-Bill. 【Click here to see the Chinese version】   

    The award recipient is Wu Lutao, a Business Administration major, who is a member of the OUC College of Management class of 2014.   

    Supported by China Environmental Protection Foundation, this campaign was participated by various student bodies from 85 colleges and universities as well as primary and middle schools across the country. The Young Volunteers Association of the College of Management from OUC was given an Excellent Society Award.

    With low-carbon and environmental protection as its theme, the green campaign works to promote electronic bills. Such activities as Promotion of the E-Bill on Campus, Feasibility Study of E-Bill in Qingdao, Popularization of E-Bill and “Waste-to- Wealth” project were carried out during the green campaign period.     

    The 7th Youth Environmental Protection Public Welfare Small Grants Program of China Environmental Protection Foundation was launched in October, 2012. Staying focused on the topic of “Environmental Protection Promising a Green Future”, a total of 825 proposals was submitted by 642 associations and societies at 274 colleges and universities from 31 provinces (autonomous regions and provincial-level municipalities).

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