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Study Session on Blue Economy
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   Mr. Guan Zhaoquan, deputy director of the Construction Office of Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone, spoke at a study session held at the Laoshan campus of Ocean University of China (OUC) on September 3, 2013. He talked about the development plan of the Blue Economic Zone.【Click here to see the Chinese version

  Mr. Guan gave a general picture of the Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone, including relevant preferential policies, priorities given to marine-related industries and the progress so far made in this regard. 

  He defined the blue economy as a high-tech led emerging economy that combines both marine environment protection and marine resource exploitation. Based on the balanced development between the land and ocean, the marine economy should be open, ecological, civilized and sustainable. “The top priority at present is to establish a modern marine industry system, promote the blue economy by developing science and education, balance the development of the marine-based and land-based infrastructure, and step up efforts to protect marine ecology as well as deepen the reform and opening-up of the blue economic zone,” he said.

  Mr. Guan also gave a brief introduction to relevant policies on tax, financing, industrial parks and zones, as well as use of islands and surrounding waters. According to Mr. Guan, during the 12th Five Year Plan, 800 million yuan is to be allocated annually as a special fund to support the infrastructure construction in Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone. The industry in marine biology has received an annual amount of 400 million yuan from both the Ministry of Finance and State Oceanic Administration since 2012.

  Among the 14 marine-related industries to be set up in the Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone, attention will be focused on marine biology, marine equipment manufacturing, modernized marine chemistry and marine fisheries, as well as further processing of aquatic products, marine transportation, logistics and culture-led tourism.

  The role that OUC plays in supporting the development of Shandong Peninsula Economic Zone is to educate more marine-related professionals, make more scientific and technological achievements and speed up the process of commercialization of research results, said Mr. Guan.

  OUC President Wu Dexing echoed what Mr. Guan said. “The national strategy to develop the Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone has provided our university with a precious opportunity,” he said.

  Presided over by Deputy Party Chief Li Yaozhen, the study session was also attended by Mr. Xu Daping, head of the supervision group of the Ministry of Education, who was also former Secretary of Party Committee of North China Electric Power University, as well as other OUC leaders including University Council Chairman Yu Zhigang, vice presidents Yu Yifa, Li Huajun, Li Weiran, deputy Party secretaries Liu Guiju and Zhang Jing, Chief Financial Officer Wang Jianmin, Assistant President Chen Rui, and Mr. Lu Guangzhi, director of the Organization Department.  


Mr. Guan Zhaoquan speaks on the development of Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone


Translated by William ZOU

Edited by Lianju LI

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