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Antifouling Team Funded by MOE
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    The research team of “Environmentally-friendly Marine Functional Materials and Protection Technologies”led by Prof. Yu Liangmin of Ocean University of China (OUC) has been approved by the Ministry of Education as an innovation group funded by the Program of Cheung Kong Scholars and Innovation Group Development for the year 2012. 【Click here to see the Chinese version

    Over the past 10 years, a research team with its strong expertise in environmentally friendly marine functional materials and protection technologies has been formed at OUC. The team, with an optimal age structure among its researchers, addresses such central issues as environmental pollution of antifouling paint made in China and outdated basic materials and key technologies.

    Based on resin, the basic material of antifouling paint and agent, the research group is engaged in a systematic research and development of environmentally friendly antifouling paint and other related products using compounding technology and assessment procedures of antifouling performance.
   In the recent five years, the team has won a second-place prize at the National Technological Inventions Awards, a first-place prize at the Scientific and Technological Advancement of Shandong Province as well as a first-place prize of the Technological Innovation Awards of the Ministry of Education.


    In addition, the research group has obtained 26 patents in China, and three patents for inventions respectively authorized by the United States, the European Union and Japan. They have also authored 70 plus research papers in such top journals as Advanced Materials and Advanced Functional Materials and other academic journals included in the list of SCI.

    The team has undertaken and completed numerous projects funded by the national Program 863, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NNSFC),Commission on Science, Technology and Industry for National Defence, and National Science and Technology Support Program. To date, a number of antifouling technologies have been commercialized and their antifouling paint has been used for shipbuilding and buoy manufacturing.

    So far, OUC has four research teams selected as the innovation groups funded by the Program of Cheung Kong Scholars and Innovation Group Development approved by the Ministry of Education. Along with two other innovative research groups of OUV funded by the NNSF, these research teams are instrumental in enhancing expertise in OUC's strong disciplinary areas such as physical oceanography, marine chemistry, aquaculture, marine pharmacy, marine biological resources and marine functional material.


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