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Tiantai Award and Scholarship
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    Eighteen teachers and 25 students were awarded “Tiantai Scholars Award” and “Tiantai Student Scholarship” respectively at a ceremony held at Laoshan Campus, Ocean University of China (OUC) on January 4, 2013. 【Click here to see the Chinese version

    Mr. Wang Ruoxiong, chairman of the Board of Directors of Tiantai Group, Mr. Dai Dawei, vice president of Tiantai Group and Madam Zhang Zhiyun, vice chairperson of Tiantai Foundation, together with Dr. Yu Zhigang, chairman of University Council, Dr. Wang Jianmin, Chief Financial Officer and representatives from other relevant departments of OUC attended the ceremony and presented the awards and scholarships to the recipients.
    In his speech, Mr. Wang Ruoxiong spoke highly of the excellent academic performances obtained by the awarded teachers and students and gave an overview of Tiantai Group and their corporate culture. “Our country is now vigorously promoting the ‘Blue Economy’ strategy and Qingdao enjoys exceptional natural conditions and has been active in developing the ‘Blue Silicon Valley’. OUC, as a leading institution of higher learning in research and education in China, especially in marine sciences, will play a bigger role in this regard. Tiantai Group will seize the opportunity to have more close cooperation which will benefit both sides,” he said.
    On behalf of OUC, Chairman Yu Zhigang extended his heartfelt gratitude to Tiantai Group for their long-term support for education. “Tiantai Group is active in participating in activities for the public good and offering scholarship to excellent college students and teachers. Since the establishment of “Tiantai Scholars Award” and “Tiantai Student Scholarship” at OUC, Tiantai Group has contributed over 1.3 million yuan to the scholarship, awarding more than 180 excellent young and middle-aged faculty members and 300 outstanding students,”he said.
 He briefed the participants at the ceremony of the fruitful work done by OUC during the past one year. He said that the awarded teachers should put experiences together while exploring new ways to contribute more to education, scientific research as well as service to society, and that the awarded students should study hard and strive to become a useful person to society after graduation.

     At the ceremony presided over by Mr. Chu Jiansong, Dr. Wang Jianmin read out the decision to award the students and teachers. Professor Wang Houjie, representing the awarded teachers, and Li Hongli, representing the awarded students, also gave speeches respectively.
    Also present at the awards ceremony were representatives from the Publicity Office of the CPC OUC Committee, Personnel Office, Office of Education Administration, and the Office of Science and Technology of OUC.


 Participants pose for a group photo


Translated by William ZOU

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