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OUC Volunteer Service Kicks Off
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    Deputy Secretary Zhang Jing and other administrative staff present flags to the volunteer groups
     A volunteer service program was kicked off at the Laoshan campus of Ocean University of China (OUC) on July 11, 2012, with nearly 200 representatives of volunteer groups from OUC attending the farewell ceremony.点击查看中文版

    Mr. Hu Chunhui delivered a speech on behalf of all the instructors of the volunteer groups. Undergraduate student Su Xuejuan and doctoral student Zhao Baozhen also gave a speech each. All the speakers expressed their strong determination to carry out a successful volunteer service program in rural villages and contribute to establishing a positive image of OUC.

    Presided over by Mr. Lin Xusheng, secretary of the Communist Youth League Committee of OUC, the setting-out ceremony was also attended by Madame Zhang Jing, deputy secretary of the CPC committee of OUC, and representatives from the Communist Youth League Committee of OUC, Office of Education Administration, Office of Student Affairs, Office of Graduate Student Affairs, and Career Services Center, as well as the secretary of each Communist Youth League Committee at the college level. 

     In her speech, Madame Zhang made positive comments on the achievements made by OUC in  volunteer service in the past few years, saying that volunteers, while offering their service in the rural villages, should corroborate their belief, improve their ability and performance, and eventually find something meaningful to do in their life.

    At the end of the ceremony, Madame Zhang, together with other administrative staff of relevant offices, presented a flag to each one of the volunteer service group.

     Since May 2012, OUC has formed 1,100 volunteers into 136 service groups that have chalked up their volunteer service stints in government policy publicizing, national conditions investigation, technical assistance to rural areas, culture popularization, medical and sanitary improvement, educational aid and environmental protection.





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