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Monograph on Sea Fog Published
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    A new monograph on sea fog authored by professors Fu Gang, Zhang Suping, and Gao Shanhong as well as Dr. Li Pengyuan was published in January of 2012.  点击查看中文版 

    Titled Understanding of Sea Fog over the China Seas, the book consists of 12 research papers published in international academic journals in the recent 10 years. This work of research will serve as a useful reference for the study of sea fog over China's waters.

    The authors of this scholarly book are researchers with the Laboratory of Physical Oceanography of the Ministry of Education housed in Ocean University of China (OUC).

    It is the second academic book on sea fog in China. China’s first monograph on sea fog by Professor Wang Binhua, a well-known sea fog scientist, was published in 1983. 

    Sea fog is a type of advection fog formed over the ocean as a result of any of a variety of processes, as when air that has been lying over a warm water surface is transported over a colder water surface, resulting in a cooling of the lower layer of air below its dew point.

    Since the low visibility caused by fog may result in traffic accidents and have a major impact on maritime activities, sea fog has now become a matter of concern to the coastal countries all over the world.



Sea Fog
By FU Gang
No brilliance of rainbow
No magnificence of pink clouds
No cold of snow
No violence of storm
The blue sea fog
You are the gentle daughter of the vast oceans
Wearing a graceful veil
comes from the far horizon
appeared as magical image
exhibited to be a colorful light
Frost is your sister
Cloud is your brother
You look like silk velvet curtains erected for the lover
You sing songs to praise the dreams with wet sweet voice
Morning breeze blow accompanying with your gentle
Sunset go down with your comfort and relax
This is the blue sea fog
I‘d like to devote my whole life to reveal your mysteries




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