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KCIDFT Awards Scholarship
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     A ceremony to award the 1st KCIDFT Scholarship was held at No. 4 Meeting Room in Xingyuan Administration Building on the morning of July 10, 2009. Madame Baek Bun Soon, head of the Korea-China Institute for Development of Future Talents (KCIDFT), and Madam. Zhangjing, Deputy Secretary of CPC OUC Committee, jointly awarded the scholarship to the recipients at the ceremony.

    In her speech, Madame Zhang expressed her gratitude to the KCDIFP and congratulations the scholarship recipients. She said that Sino-Korean friendship has a long history, adding that China and South Korea are two neighboring countries which share the same origins of culture and similar folk-customs and peoples of both countries have created the splendid oriental culture together. She stated that the establishment of the KCDIFP Scholarship fully reflects that the KCDIFP attaches great importance to the maturation of the college students and how they become productive in society. She said that the scholarship would not only financially support the recipients, but also emotionally encourage them.

    In addition, Madame Zhang Jing wished the recipients to appreciate the kindness from the international community and pass it on as well as nurture it, saying that they should work hard, study assiduously, keep forging ahead and achieve accomplishments. Meanwhile, they are expected to make their contributions to China’s modernization drive, while promoting the friendship between the Chinese and Korean peoples as well as creating a bright future of the world.

    Madame Baek Bun Soon said that the KCDIFP is interested in Qingdao’s educational development and that they care for the conditions and maturation of the destitute students as well as how they become useful to society. She pointed out that the monetary donations for the education of the needy students are not only symbols of social civilization and advancement, but also the unshakable responsibility of the whole society. She hoped the international community to create a sound social atmosphere of mutual care and help through different channels.

    At the ceremony, the students who have received the scholarship vowed to do their best to continue the chain of kindness and help others in need to the best of their abilities after they graduate from university.

    The ceremony was also attended by heads of the Office of Student Affairs and the International Education Center at OUC, as well as representatives from Kyung Min College.

    The KCDIFP Scholarship was set up by the Korea-China Institute for Development of Future Talents, which is intended to help the under-privileged college students. 

Madame Zhang Jing (R) presents a gift to Madame Baek Bun Soon




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