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26 volunteers honored for “GoingWest”
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    This year 26 fresh graduates from OUC have responded to the nation's go-west call to devote themselves to fields such as education, rural medical support, basic agricultural training and legal consulting. In order to encourage all the students at OUC to learn from them in establishing a correct outlook on employment and integrating personal development with the nation’s needs, as well as making contributions to the prosperity and strength of the country, OUC held a ceremony on June 18, 2009, to honor these graduates who have signed on as volunteers in China’s “Go West” program. Madam Zhang Jing, Deputy Secretary of CPC OUC Committee, attended the recognition ceremony and presented awards to the volunteers.

    “The year 2009 is very important to me because I have a crucial decision to make, that is, where shall I go after graduation and what kind of work shall I do? But now I am glad to make an announcement to you that I have decided to participate in the country’s “Go West” College Graduate Volunteer Program,” said Shi Shasha, who obtained her bachelor’s degree in applied meteorology, and she is one of the 26 volunteers.

      On behalf of OUC, Madam Zhang Jing extended congratulations to the volunteers and praised them for choosing to work in the underdeveloped western regions. She hoped them to keep the national interests in mind and be conscientious and meticulous in their work, saying the young volunteers should be honest people of moral integrity and that they should be good at learning new skills and knowledge and try to be a life-time learner. She wished the fresh graduates to be brave in practice and bold in shouldering heavy responsibilities, adding that they should love their life there and be progressive and forward-looking.
    At the award ceremony presided over by Mr. Wang Mingquan, director of Student Affairs Office, Mr. Chu Jiansong, Secretary of OUC Committee of the Chinese Communist Youth League, announced the decision to commend the graduates who have signed agreements to work in the impoverished western regions.  Later, the volunteers, together with faculty and staff had a discussion on how to deal with interpersonal relationship as well as on personal file management and other issues related to their volunteer service. The graduates expressed their gratitude to OUC and said they will not forget their Alma Mater. They promise to work hard and contribute to the development of the local economy in the underdeveloped western regions. Teachers and staff who attended the ceremony exhorted the volunteers to work hard and continue to study hard. They told the alumni to take care of themselves and keep in touch with OUC, and said their alma mater always welcomes them to come back to pay a visit. 


    Also present at the eremony are heads of some relevant colleges and representatives of the graduate volunteers.


Madam Zhang Jing poses for a group photo with the volunteers






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